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FitBit Japan TVC launch campaign

Crafting authentic, localised campaigns for Japan.

Client: FitbitCreator: Strategy SET

The brief

Fitbit has an ongoing need to create locally relevant campaigns for Japan. They came to Genero to find a professional creative team with a deep understanding of the Japanese market.

The creative team would need to take existing US campaigns and reimagine them for Japan, taking into account culture and nuance while clearly communicating the benefits of the product.

The work

Fitbit have worked with Genero creator Strategy SET for these briefs, a full service creative agency and production house located in Tokyo with both English and Japanese language capability.

They take every detail of the campaigns into account, considering casting, locations, music, sound, tone, pace and of course, the script. 

For the launch of the Versa 2 Smartwatch for example, Strategy SET reimagined every scene for the Japanese audience. The team brought unique insights to guide new scene developments, from switching the spin cycle scene to Crossfit which is a more popular workout in Japan, to featuring a different breed of dog which is more popular in the Japanese target cities.

See a few examples of these localisations below.

Versa 2 Smartwatch

Original USA ad

Japan localisation

Future of health, Fitbit Sense

Original USA ad

Japan localisation

Stress management, Fitbit Premium + Sense

Original USA ad

Japan localisation

Strategy SET's avatar

Strategy SET

flag for Japan

Strategy SET is a Tokyo based creative production studio with a global presence. They partner with clients to align their objectives and transform their brand experiences to better engage with their customers.

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