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Guinness Mattr Media Instagram video

Bringing the harp logo to life on Instagram.

Client: GuinnessCreator: Mattr Media

The brief

Create an original Instagram video, telling the story of the Guinness Harp and its evolution in a bold and creative way.

The idea

There’s a lot of love for Guinness out there, and Diageo felt it when they received dozens of creative concepts from across our network in response to this brief. The ideas came from all corners of the globe, and from creatives passionate about the Guinness brand, adding depth and authenticity to the content. Who better to create branded content than creatives who love your beer?

Guinness commissioned Director Josh Hine of Mattr Media who brought together harp makers, players and artists to create a powerful and captivating brand video.

Guinness Mattr Media Instagram video BTS
Guinness Mattr Media Instagram video BTS

The work

My thinking was to take the iconic Guinness harp logo and humanise it, showing it not just as a 2D graphic but instead as a living breathing object” said Josh. “Sometimes a brand’s logo becomes such common place that we rarely take a step back and appreciate what it actually represents. My hope is that the audience will take another look at the harp next time they take a sip of Guinness.”

Read a full interview with Josh about this project and creating content for particular platforms here.


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