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Streamlining production for Kimberly-Clark with access to creative talent, on-demand.

Client: Kimberly-Clark

The challenge:

As a global FMCG company housing beloved brands like Kleenex and Huggies, Kimberly-Clark faces various challenges in today’s disruptive marketing and media landscape. With ongoing margin pressure from retailers and the increased threat of competitors and private label, Kimberly-Clark must remain the go-to brand for quality and stay top of mind.

With consumers engaging with content in a completely different way, their marketing team requires an efficient digital content production model to augment their agency partners and in-house capabilities, to efficiently produce fresh creative thinking, and higher volumes of high-quality, fit for platform content.

The approach:

Since 2019, Genero has provided Kimberly-Clark with an efficient model for creative ideation and production of best practice social and digital content, becoming a key part of its marketing services structure.

Leveraging Genero’s highly experienced team, creative network and production platform, the Kimberly-Clark team are able to:

  • Source & collaborate with a range of specialist professional creators in an efficient and agile way, without the need to set up any new suppliers.
  • Fill a gap in capabilities between agency partners and in-house resources.
  • Scale production of best practice assets with huge time and cost efficiencies.

The results

briefs completed for 8 different brands
weeks average from brief to content delivery

Highlights from our partnership so far include:

  • A campaign that took only 4 weeks from brief to completion, which has been so successful it’s still being used 3 years later.
  • A hyper-contextual YouTube campaign for Kleenex that achieved a 90% completion rate.
  • Product demo videos which doubled Kimberly-Clark’s usual product recall.

“The way we win with our consumers is making sure we have creative that cuts through and that consumers will engage with, and to me, that's also the massive value in our partnership. Having a network of diverse different thinking, we've been able to bring new ways of looking at things that we've had challenges with in the past. There's power in numbers.”

Pip Gagg, Head of Marketing for Baby & Child Care

The webinar

Read the insights article about how Kimberly-Clark use Genero to streamline production to save on time & cost by accessing a range of creative talent, or watch the full webinar.

The work

View a selection of our work with Kimberly-Clark below.


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