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Rascal Creative Plume brand film

Showing the human benefit of WiFi motion detection.

Client: PlumeCreator: Rascal Creative

The brief

With consumer concerns around privacy on the rise, WiFi experts Plume launched a clever new WiFi motion-detection product. Plume Motion allows whole home awareness through existing WiFi-enabled products in the home, meaning users can feel secure without having to sacrifice privacy.

Plume needed an engaging brand film and series of explainer videos that would showcase the human benefit of the brand and product in a relatable home scenario.

They also wanted to tap into the emotion of their audience – the 21st century, on-demand, on-the-go generation who expect convenience at the touch of a button (usually their phone).

The work

Genero creators Rascal Creative pitched a heartwarming idea that brings to life the story of one child’s pursuit to be a real-life ninja! She carefully makes her way through an imaginary field of obstacles (Plume enabled motion sensors) to sneak a midnight snack, only to be busted by her father who’s witnessed all the hijinks on the Plume app.

"At first, we had a hard time believing we could get the quality and speed promised for the price, but we’re so glad we trusted the promise. Not only was our film team a truly amazing partner, but Genero proved their own value repeatedly throughout the process. We’re already into our second project - this is the way to do it!"

Terri Falvey, Director of Content Marketing, Plume

Brand film

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With almost a decade of experience working in some of London’s leading creative agencies, Rascal Creative have produced award winning campaigns to help some of the UK’s biggest brands stand out in a global market. They do this by asking questions, looking beyond the expected and thinking curiously about the brands creative needs and marketing strategy. In doing so, they create genuine conversations and relationships between brands and their consumers.

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