Our solution

Compelling YouTube content generating impressive brand uplift for Sharesies.

Client: SharesiesCreator: Onepost

The challenge

Through its partnership with Google, investment business Sharesies came to Genero to create compelling YouTube content to help introduce the platform, highlight its key points of difference, and drive brand awareness in Australia and New Zealand.

Featuring Bryce Langston from the popular YouTube channel ‘Living Big in a Tiny House’, the content would focus on financial empowerment and share Bryce’s positive story with the Sharesies platform. The videos needed to help the brand share its personality and authentically communicate the easy-to-use investment experience on the platform.

The approach

Through Genero, Sharesies sourced New Zealand-based production company Onepost to produce their comforting concept of being ‘at home’ with Bryce as he explains how the Sharesies platform plays a key role in his financial wellbeing journey.

This approach perfectly matched Bryce’s passion for small-sized living and Sharesies’ mission to make investing accessible for all by offering the opportunity to invest with no minimum spend. The final videos and cut-downs highlight the possibility of being able to ‘dream big’ and start investing with whatever amount you can afford, effectively communicating how easy it is to get started and use the Sharesies platform.

The results

The campaign was focused on upper funnel metrics, driving awareness of the investing brand in a heavily saturated, fiercely competitive market. Bryce telling his Sharesies experience in such an authentic, honest way was very compelling and resonated with the audience, driving these great results.

month on month increase in brand awareness
quarter on quarter increase in brand awareness
absolute lift in brand awareness (vs. 5.8% global benchmark)

Given the evergreen nature of the content, Sharesies will continue to use the Bryce campaign assets to meaningfully engage with YouTube audiences and drive brand awareness.

The work


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