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Sony Xperia European directors short film

Short films across 5 markets, shot on the Xperia Z5 phone.

Client: SonyCreators: Oliver Valente, Lucas Jatoba, Giacomo Arrigoni, Eric Beaupre

The brief

Sony wanted to promote the 4K video capabilities of their Xperia Z5 series smartphone. They ran 5 separate briefs through Genero to find directors in Barcelona, Paris, London, Milan and Berlin to create beautifully shot content about their city using the Xperia Z5 phone.

The work

Each director was sent the phone to shoot a 90 second ‘Fleeting Moments’ film. They each also created shorter edits, with the films used online to promote the video capabilities to young creatives across Europe.

Paris by Eric Beaupre

Barcelona by Lucas Jatoba

Berlin by Oliver Valente

Milan by Giacomo Arrigoni

Oliver Valente's avatar

Oliver Valente

flag for Germany

East African born and raised film-maker based in Berlin.

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Lucas Jatoba

flag for Spain

Lucas Jatoba is the founder and creative director of Living Library Films.

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Giacomo Arrigoni

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Giacomo Arrigoni is an Italian writer-director. He has written more than 15 screenplays for films, TV series and web series.

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Eric Beaupre

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Eric is a Canadian filmmaker/graphic designer based in Paris. Over the past decade he has lived and worked in Montreal and Pais for television, music, fashion & advertising clients.

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