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3 campaigns we’ve created during the pandemic using safe production techniques.

Guides & Inspiration • Written by Catherine Graves, Marketing Director

In spite of the current challenges to creative production around the world, our creators are finding innovative ways to continue producing even in the most restricted areas. Here are three campaigns we’ve created during the pandemic using safe production techniques for Ben & Jerry’s, Fitbit and Tourism Tasmania.

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Ben & Jerry’s – Pivoting to a new production approach.

Ben & Jerry’s needed to create a suite of thumb-stopping, appetizing and flavourful social videos to support a national launch in South Korea, highlighting the brand’s core flavours in a fun, colourful and quirky way.

They commissioned Genero creators Rascal to produce an idea inspired by the action of a shaken champagne bottle exploding, but using the ice cream ingredients instead. This concept originally involved two production techniques: a live action shoot to capture the individual ingredients at a macro level and a papercraft stop motion shoot to create a Ben & Jerry’s world.

COVID-19 fundamentally altered the way we approached this production:

  • The live action ingredients shoot which was set to include a crew of 6x people was cancelled, and pivoted to 2.5D animation. Rascal created the ingredients using existing assets, giving the impression of the macro detail in super slow motion. 
  • The paper craft items were sent via courier for testing in advance of the stop motion shoot, which took place with 1 x self shooting DOP only. The Director and Producer dialled into the set remotely via live stream to give direction, and the ice cream tops were added digitally in post to remove the need for a food stylist on set.

Using these techniques we were able to deliver on the original concept, without impacting the quality of the assets or timings. Rascal delivered individual assets for the five flavours, as well as a series of edits showing the full range – see examples below.

Cherry Garcia

Choc Chip Cookie Dough

5 flavour edit

Fitbit – Recreate a US ad for South East Asia, recognising ‘Homebound Heroes’ during COVID-19. 

Fitbit needed to adapt an existing US campaign into a suite of digital assets for South East Asia, recognising and highlighting the ‘Homebound Heroes’ during Covid-19 times and driving awareness of Fitbit Premium in the region. They needed the content to be produced ASAP in order to respond to the pandemic as quickly as possible. 

With restrictions on live action shoots, Genero creators BDA recreated the American ad using authentic and localised stock footage. Most of the new clips align with the original shots however some scenario adjustments were made taking into account cultural nuance and to ensure relevance for SE Asian audiences. The VO was recorded remotely with a Singaporean VO artist to further localise the content. 

This content was created within a week from brief to delivery.

Original USA ad

Adaptation for South East Asia

Tourism Tasmania – Repurposing existing assets to entice tourists to Tasmania.

COVID-19 has stopped both international and domestic travel in its tracks. People are turning online, particularly to social media, for information, entertainment and inspiration. As a result, Tourism Tasmania had to quickly adjust their content strategy and social presence to acknowledge the current state of travel.

Without the opportunity to film and create new assets, Tourism Tasmania provided a suite of existing 16:9 destination video footage to be repurposed into a dramatic, emotional and sensory campaign fit for social. Genero creator Ed Coyle edited these assets into 5 brand new social assets designed to showcase a distinctive voice for Tasmania on social and evoke escapism and longing. See examples below.


Banner image credit: ATTIC Film, showing their team shooting in Salzburg, Austria.

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