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3 ways digital brands can drive last minute Christmas sales.

Guides & Inspiration • Written by Nashya Erosa, Client Manager - Australia / New Zealand

With five weeks until Christmas, many brands are gearing up for the biggest Christmas spending period Australia has ever seen. However, there’s a ‘perfect storm’ brewing, providing a unique opportunity for digital-only brands to convert like never before, during this year’s holiday season.

Retailers predict a $58 billion Christmas boom (up 11.3% from pre-pandemic levels).* According to a Roy Morgan survey of 3,000 Australian consumers, over $11 billion will go towards Christmas gifts alone, with just under half going to e-commerce businesses.*

But risks of product shortages, price hikes and a postage system already stretched to its limit due to COVID-19 are likely to impact Christmas spending.*

For many, digital gifts will become the go-to this holiday season, with intangibles being easier to sell than physical products that need to be shipped. We’re talking gift cards, subscription services, online classes, vouchers for experiences, travel and workshops, tickets for live shows/events and anything that can be delivered or experienced in a non-physical way. Hello Christmas Eve purchase!

But with Christmas right around the corner, is it too late to drive last minute sales with your customers? Never say never, here are 3 easy and creative ways to drive digital sales this Christmas period.

1. Create new assets from existing stills and video content

If you’ve got existing imagery, brand assets, or even video featuring influencers, you’ve got enough to create some compelling and high-performing video and static ads for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and don’t forget Pinterest. 

Top Tips:

  • Most of these assets will be very short so make sure your brief is single-minded message and focussed on 1 – 2 messages max.
  • Allow around AUD$5000 to produce a multi-asset suite of video and static assets

Amazon Prime “I Know What You Did Last Summer”


Supercheap Auto gift card

2. Tell a story with motion graphics and animation

Simple animation and motion design is a great way to create new on-brand ads fast, when you don’t have any assets, or time to create new ones.

Top Tips: 

  • Use stock material + brand assets to turbocharge your creative 
  • Turn customer testimonials into powerful sales drivers by adding motion and animation

BCF gift card




Huggies Wipes Testimonial

3. Tap into new sales channel opportunities like TikTok

TikTok is an untapped opportunity for most brands, and everything from recipes to BTS footage to life hacks have gone viral, driving purchases for brands.

Top Tips:


Netflix Money Heist AR filter



Does your brand have a digital product that is looking to skip the queue at the Post Office and jump directly into your customers hands this Christmas? Get in touch to find out how we can fast track your creative campaign with best practice assets for all platforms.


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