Our solution

A web series supporting small business entrepreneurs, with diversity at its heart.

Client: FacebookCreator: LaMotta Filmes

The challenge

As part of Facebook’s strategy to help build and empower communities in LATAM, they’re committed to helping small businesses grow. 

To support this initiative, Facebook came to Genero to produce an entertaining and educational web series featuring interviews with entrepreneurial leaders about using Facebook tools to boost their businesses. The episodes would share information and resources about creating an online store, establishing a digital presence and reaching more customers.

The approach

Facebook came to Genero to source a creative team who could execute their vision and produce the Boost with Facebook series for both Brazil (Portuguese) and Latin America (Spanish).

To ensure the content would resonate with business owners from a wide variety of backgrounds, diversity was at the heart of the project. Facebook appointed LaMotta Filmes – a São Paulo based Production Company with a very diverse team including talented female filmmakers and people of colour. 

With support from the Genero team in Brazil, they embarked on this huge production:


LaMotta appointed local filmmakers in each city to shoot the interviews, minimising the travel required due to the pandemic and allowing Facebook to support the local economies. This process also ensured interviews were handled in an empathetic way, with local knowledge taken into account.

“Working with a team of this size in 6 different countries was a very challenging and rewarding experience. Our directors and producers commanded their local teams with mastery, making the flow of information much easier. A well-assembled team is the secret to a successful production.”

Guilherme Paganini, Director and Executive Producer at LaMotta

The work

Boost with Facebook is hosted by Ana Paula Xongani (Brazil) and Cirle Tatis (Colombia). The knowledgeable and bubbly hosts interview 10 entrepreneurs each from a wide variety of businesses and industries, giving practical tips and advice on using the Facebook for Business tools.

In total, 10 full episodes were produced (5 for Brazil + 5 for Colombia) with additional promotional content, including:

Shorter 'quick-tips' episodes
Video ads to promote the series on social media



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LaMotta Filmes

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LaMotta Filmes is a São Paulo based production company. With 6 years in the market, the team lives to tell stories through amazing imagery and has worked for many brands, players and agencies around the world.

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