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Closeup Mario Gonsalves African localised campaign

Localised CloseUp ads tick all the boxes for new market.

Client: CloseupCreator: Mario Gonsalves

The brief

Unilever had an existing campaign for Closeup that they wanted to run in Africa. They came to Genero to localise the campaign so it would resonate culturally in African markets.

The work

The Closeup team commissioned a Genero filmmaker to reshoot existing scenes with African talent. They were also able to use those scenes as individual bumpers for a whole range of social media content.

Existing three clips to be reshot

Localised version for Africa

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Mario Gonsalves

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Mario Gonsalves is a director and cinematographer based in Amsterdam, who has worked with clients including Microsoft, Sony Music, Universal Music Group & The Hoxton Hotels. He is the Head of Motion & Stills at production company Recent.

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