Our solution

The stop-motion music video helping to make babies happy.

Client: Imogen HeapCreator: Trevor Hardy

The brief

Imogen Heap’s ‘The Happy Song’ is scientifically designed to make babies happy. Working alongside Goldsmith University and C&G Baby Club, Heap tested and adjusted the song’s tempo and melody amongst 30 babies to ensure she was creating as much happiness as possible.  

Heap and her team came to Genero to create the music video. They briefed creators to pitch concepts that would bring the pace and lyrics of the track to life and further enhance the appeal for babies.

The approach

Genero creator and animation extraordinaire Trevor Hardy was commissioned to create the music video. 

With over 20 years of experience, Trevor and his team (Mark Miko & Ferenc Miko) used soft merino wool to hand-make a colourful world of fluffy environments and soft animal-like characters, and produced a stop-motion animation to accompany the track perfectly. 

Trevor and his team also put together a behind-the-scenes video, highlighting the delicate processes and amount of work it takes to create a world like this.

The work

Final video

Behind the scenes

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Trevor Hardy

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Trevor Hardy is a multi award-winning stop-motion animator. He produces amazing hand made, hand crafted animations at PigBird Stop Motion Studio in the UK. The studio has won many awards, including being shortlisted for a Bafta.

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