Our solution

Strategically repositioning a beloved African drinks brand.

Client: Malta GuinnessCreator: Goodship

The challenge

Malta Guinness is Africa’s leading premium, non-alcoholic beverage for adults, and one of the region’s best loved brands for over three decades. 

Packed with vitamins, the brand’s pre-pandemic positioning focussed on physical energy and competition, motivating people to push themselves harder. This messaging no longer resonated against the backdrop of a global pandemic, so Diageo came to Genero to develop some quick digital assets for Ghana, which broadened their positioning towards a more holistic view of wellness. They wanted to not only sustain their consumers physically, but also mentally and emotionally. To be seen as a more caring and approachable brand.

The strategy

We developed a strategy based around a key insight brought to light by the pandemic: In a post-Covid world, we have a greater responsibility to care for ourselves and each other. 

Together with Goodship London, a new tagline was born – ‘Enjoy a World of Good’. Supported by the new positioning: Malta Guinness’ vitalising nourishment provides a breadth of benefits for consumers throughout their day. Their actions, fuelled the brand’s optimism, empathy and wellness, inspire the same in others, who go on to do the same – setting in motion a virtuous circle of goodness.

The campaign

To launch the new strategy, Goodship London produced a fully integrated campaign including a new campaign lockup, manifesto, KV, digital, social and influencer content, in bar POS and broadcast assets. 

Recognising the increase in consumer demand for brand authenticity during the pandemic, the campaign also activated the brand positioning in meaningful ways with a series of initiatives which showed that Malta Guinness stood behind what they were promoting.

The results

This new positioning and integrated campaign were so successful in Ghana, Malta Guinness rolled it out across all of their 11 markets, leaving their previous messaging behind and committing to the new positioning for the next five years.

The work

Previous approach

Previous campaigns like ‘The Maltavator Challenge’ featured a game show with intense competition and motivational language focused on ‘fuelling greatness’. See how we helped the brand adapt off the back of the pandemic below.

New approach


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