Our solution

Capture the beauty and craft of Old Parr whisky in detail.

Client: Old ParrCreator: Bright House Media

The brief

Diageo was seeking highly engaging social content for their new premium Old Parr whisky – ‘Old Parr 18’. 

They needed the assets to capture in detail the beauty and craft of the liquid, bottle and packaging in a luxurious manner, and to support the campaign’s message that ‘drinking an 18 year old whisky can be part of an everyday celebration’.

The approach

Through Genero, Old Parr commissioned Bright House Media (BHM), a team based in Thailand who have a focus on producing mobile-first content.

BHM used high speed camera robots to capture stunning slow motion shots that emphasise the premium qualities of the product.

The work

Old Parr received five final videos to be shared across multiple markets, which highlight the unique features of the product and showcase the passion that each bottle is crafted with. 

Check out a selection of the campaign assets, a case study on the making of the content and a behind the scenes look at the technology that was used below.


Gold Stamp


Texture and Shape

Learn more about how Diageo, BHM and Genero worked together to create this content.

Go behind the scenes with BHM to understand their creative process and the technology they used.

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Bright House Media

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BHM is a digital media company with high respect for the traditional processes, but also realize the importance of staying ahead of the game by using the latest technologies & trends. Whether it’s a simple photo shoot, a TV Commercial or even a complete branding project, they take pride creating the best possible product within any given budget & timeframe.

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