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Facebook Ramadan assets mobile optimised

Get creative. Ramadan assets optimised for Facebook.

Client: FacebookCreators: Omar Nabil, Damien Dunne, Shadi Kabbesh

The brief

As a Facebook Business Partner, we’re able to provide packages around calendar events to help brands create mobile optimised assets, combining fixed and flexible deliverables. In this instance we provided a package that allowed Middle Eastern brands to transform existing video assets into mobile, Facebook and Instagram optimised videos, specifically for Ramadan.

Each of the six brands involved, including Max, Home Centre, Dettol, KFC, Vimto and Kit Kat, received assets created to increase awareness of Ramadan promotional campaigns and drive sales.

The approach

Working to an extremely tight time-frame, we commissioned local market creators trained in Facebook best practices to optimise the assets. Some of the techniques they utilised include; ensuring the brand appears in the first three seconds, incorporating split-screens to capture attention in feed and animating elements to improve engagement.

Each package took an average of 3 days from brief to delivery, and included:

  • 1x 15s video for Facebook (4:5) and Instagram (square 1:1)
  • 1x 15s video for Instagram Stories (vertical 9:16)
  • 1x GIF or Cinemagraph

As well as optimising the content, the Genero creators were also able to improve the narrative of the ads in some cases. Each re-imagined asset retained the look and feel of the original campaign while delivering an entirely new format.

The results

The optimised assets saw vastly improved performance when compared to the original videos which were not fit for social. For example, KFC saw a 50% increase in Click Through Rate when compared to their original campaign.

The work


KitKat: Original TVC


KitKat: Optimised for mobile, 1:1


Max: Original TVC


Max: Optimised for mobile, 9:16


Vimto: Original TVC


Vimto: Optimised for mobile, GIF

Omar Nabil's avatar

Omar Nabil

flag for Turkey

The founder of Grand Vision Films, Omar Nabil is an experienced filmmaker with a background in film direction, production and cinematography in the Middle East.

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Damien Dunne

flag for Australia

As the leading creative force behind Milked Studios, Damian works as an editor and director, creating for all screen based mediums.

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Shadi Kabbesh's avatar

Shadi Kabbesh

flag for United Arab Emirates

Shadi is a multi-talented digital artist, putting his skills to use in the digital space across media & advertising, with a focus on editing and motion graphics.

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