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Tyler Childers Country Squire Genero

An epic and ambitious CGI universe for ‘Country Squire’.

Client: Tyler ChildersCreator: Bomper Studio

The brief

Grammy nominated artist, Tyler Childers, needed an animation studio to bring a wild music video concept to life for the title track off his new album, ‘Country Squire’. 

The world depicted in the video was concepted by Tony Moore, a top American graphic novelist and comic-book artist who’s worked on titles including Deadpool, Punisher and The Walking Dead. It involved full 3D modeling of Childers himself, wife Senora May, his entire band and a host of other fantastical characters in detailed environments, combining a stop motion aesthetic in a stylised CGI world with a mind-bending amount of detail and countless Easter eggs for die-hard fans to discover throughout.

The approach

Welsh animation directors Emlyn Davies and Josh Hicks from Bomper Studio were commissioned through Genero to execute the concept. Bomper was chosen both for their talent and capabilities as well as their unique approach to the workflow challenges that came with collaborating with a director halfway around the world.  

The time zone differences ended up working in everyone’s favor. New edits were uploaded at the end of each day and Moore had his full day to review and provide feedback that was awaiting the modeling and animation teams when they began their subsequent workdays.  

Every frame was meticulously designed and refined. Moore held strong his vision for the video and was intimately involved in every last detail.  The result can be observed in the textures, lighting and shadows, down to the grain and the wear on the old guitar that Childers plays and the way the denim rests on his boots. Learn more in the Behind the Scenes video below.

“From the start, pairing Emilyn and the Bomper team with Tony Moore was a match made in Heaven. Bomper’s unwavering focus and dedication to every frame practically jumps off the screen.”

Nicholas Robespierre, Vice President RCA Records Video Production, Video Commissioner and Producer

The work

Music video

Behind the scenes

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Bomper is an independent creative production studio. Their consists of specialist in-house artists, illustrators, animators, art directors and producers who pride themselves on creating award-winning imagery in collaboration with global agencies and brands.

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