Our solution

Helping to communicate precise location with global drone content.

Client: what3wordsCreators: Glydrs, Justin Lovett, Samuel Broeren

The challenge

what3words is a simple way to communicate precise locations. By dividing the globe into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, they’ve been able to allocate each one a unique combination of three words. For example, ///usual.trying.highs is the exact 3m square that offers the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

One of the biggest challenges facing a company trying to change the way the world communicates location, is ensuring that the system is universally understood. To help solve this challenge, what3words approached Genero to build an asset library of relevant, recognizable and compelling drone imagery showcasing people using what3words in different locations across the globe.

The approach

Through Genero, what3words have so far commissioned creative teams in South Korea, India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia,  Spain, Canada and the USA to capture drone stills. 

The commissioned creative teams have captured both highly localised imagery for specific markets (featuring recognisable landmarks or landscapes), as well as less recognisable shots for a broader audience in diverse global markets.

These images are later enhanced by the what3words in-house team and used across a variety of paid and organic media channels.

The results

Including on-the-ground DSLR stills in addition to drone photography, 213 images in total from the three different markets were delivered in just over a month, efficiently providing what3words with fresh, original assets to use.

“We were actively looking for creators who could problem solve with us and suggest ideas for local scenarios that we haven’t thought about. Creators had to be flexible due to changing conditions and Covid was also a complication. A must have requirement was of course a drone licence and location permits. With Genero we've been able to find high quality creators that could tick all these boxes and more.”

Ivan Pols, Chief Creative Officer

“what3words is extremely happy with the quality, speed and the value we get from Genero. It can be a hassle and expensive to fly crews over the world and produce drone content in different locations. The global Covid situation and travel restrictions made it even harder. However, the Genero platform is a great solution that allows us to source local content creators, and we are well supported throughout the process.”

Laura Kennea, Senior Marketing Manager

The work

Rainelle, West Virginia, USA

Harriman, New York, USA

Taif, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Achasan, Seoul, South Korea

Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Justin Lovett

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Freelance filmmaker and photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. Over the past 7 years, Justin has worked extensively with different brands including NBC, Saint Laurent, Great Big Story, Vice, CNN, Galileo, Prosieben, Bloomberg, HGTV, TLC and L’Oréal.

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Samuel Broeren

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Over 10 years experience in directing and shooting TV commercials, music videos and documentaries around the globe. Samuel's work focuses on the natural beauty found in landscapes, people and architecture.

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