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5 tips before you submit your idea for the HOOQ Filmmakers Guild

Genero tips • Written by Ellie CK, Creative Community Manager

The countdown has begun, with three weeks left for filmmakers, directors, scriptwriters and producers in Southeast Asia to submit scripts for the HOOQ Filmmakers Guild 2018! If you’re planning on submitting an idea to create the next big TV show in Asia, we’ve got some important tips to make sure your submission can stand out.

1. Submit early

Submit your idea early so that we can let you know if there are any problems with your pitch and provide feedback if required. Don’t leave your submission to the last minute! There’s 3 weeks left with submissions closing on July 31st, at 23:59 GMT.

2. Share your best examples of work

If your idea is selected, you’ll be making the pilot episode! Make sure you have a strong production team to collaborate with, and include examples of work that are relevant to the idea. If your show is a comedy, the judges want to see your previous comedy work! If you’re a scriptwriter, make sure you include a showreel for your director, and any other important crew.

3. Check out our treatment tips

Include a profile picture, vary your creative references and sell yourself! See more of our treatment tips here.

4. Make sure your pitch meets all the requirements

Scripts can be in your local language, but everything else should be in English. Make sure you read and reread the submission guidelines and requirements, which include:

  • At least 10 pages of your pilot script
  • A logline that sums up the series
  • A concise but detailed pitch of the show
  • A synopsis of the main characters
  • A synopsis of each episode in the series
  • A biography of your team

5. Get creative with your concept

Your idea should be creative and original! Make sure you consider character development, the potential for the series and a concept that will engage audiences in your country!

Ready to go? Submit your idea for the HOOQ Filmmakers Guild here.

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