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Understanding creative production capability during a pandemic.

Guides & Inspiration • Written by Catherine Graves, Marketing Director

Update: *The Global Production Status Map is no longer live. If you’d like to discuss production restrictions in a particular country, please get in touch.

As COVID-19 continues to impact creative production around the world, many marketers are facing a serious challenge when it comes to communicating with consumers. In order to help our clients navigate these challenges, we created the Global Production Status Map

This new tool provides an up-to-date view of the level of production possible in over 80 markets. There are four different statuses which escalate from post production services like animation, AR and editing which can easily be done at home, through to live action shoots without restrictions. Additional details including relevant restrictions are also available by clicking on each country.

Breakdown of the type of production possible.

Safety is of course the first priority, but for marketers who haven’t had to hit pause completely, this map provides a range of options for moving forward with the relevant precautions in place. It gives a quick snapshot of pandemic restrictions, enabling marketers to make decisions about where, when and what to shoot and how to allocate precious marketing dollars. 

Using data gathered from hundreds of our trusted creators and verified against key news and government sources, the production statuses are being tracked and updated regularly. Where restrictions vary between States, Territories and Provinces, the more open status has been indicated.

The results show that a diverse mix of production capability is possible around the world:

  • All markets are available for post production services such as animation, editing and AR as well as product shoots in a studio without using talent. We’ve already been working with a number of clients to pivot their existing plans towards these solutions, flipping live action shoots to animation or repurposing existing assets for new messaging and channels.
  • In markets like Greece, the Netherlands and Portugal with slightly lighter restrictions, studio shoots with talent using a small crew can move forward if the relevant safety guidelines are followed. Many of our creators are able to access their studios, or have home studios set up for professional shoots. Clients are also able to attend shoots virtually to give feedback throughout.
  • Live production and shoots with talent on location are possible in some markets like Canada, China and Australia, with restrictions as noted. Restrictions can include the State, Territory or Provence where shoots are possible, the number of attendees on set, the size of the set to allow for social distancing, permits required and obvious sanitisation rules. 
  • Taiwan is the only market where full live production can currently move forward without restrictions, although safety measures are still in place.

Where production does move forward, safety is the first priority. Social distancing rules apply, frequent sanitisation takes place and masks and gloves are worn in all markets. Other safety precautions can vary depending on the region, and include having an on-set nurse, temperature checks, guidelines on travel and attendees having to self isolate for a period of time before the shoot. 

We’re constantly inspired by our creatives who are finding innovative ways to continue producing content safely and efficiently even when full lockdown measures are in place. If you have a brief in mind, simply post it on the Genero platform here and our team will get in touch before it goes live. Alternatively, reach out to your regional Genero team for more information.

Click here to view the map, which we’ll continue to update as the situation evolves. You can also learn more about our safe production solutions for creating content during the pandemic here.

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