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Thriving in the Amazon: 3 easy ways to use video advertising on Amazon.

Guides & Inspiration • Written by Tim Stuart - Client Director, USA

To fully understand the depth and breadth of the Amazon ecosystem requires knowledge of many disciplines, not least the grasp of new technologies and channels like voice, gaming and connected TV. Needless to say, feeling dazed and confused as a marketer inside Bezos’ empire is far too common, and navigating your brand can be seriously challenging.

Nevertheless, an emerging (yet familiar) way to succeed is through the use of video – underpinned by the knowledge that for many brands your presence on Amazon is just as, if not more, important than your own digital properties.

Here are 3 easy ways to use video to forge a clear path and get ahead of the competition.

First, take the time to get your own Amazon presence in order.

Think through the images you’re using, the thumbnails, the gallery, and in the A-plus content page where you can support a range of videos—think of them as creative opportunities, not just inventory you need to fill. It used to be developing content custom to different environments was cost prohibitive, but now with businesses like Genero, assets can be created cost effectively, and in record time. Increasingly, consumers are relying on Amazon for a holistic experience to learn more about the brand, not just get to the checkout, so take advantage of that behavior by developing the right assets.

Second, take the opportunity to introduce video to dimensionalize your product.

You can do this through an engaging explainer, customer testimonial or live action demonstration, like in the example below Genero developed for Redken. Upgrade static photography with video assets featuring talent or motion graphics to not only educate your audience but keep them engaged and immersed in your brand world. A video is proven to be more effective than other static media, with 54% of consumers saying they want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.*

Third, consider investing in Amazon’s paid video advertising with assets developed specifically for the environment to illustrate the role and benefit your product could play in the customer’s life.

With the potential threat of look-alike brands and products in your category, lean on video to drive differentiation and brand preference to maintain a competitive advantage. Ensure maximum effectiveness by designing your content for sound off, but delighting with sound on, all while being sure to communicate the key message within the first 5 seconds. Use video as a complement to your display campaign, bringing new news and visuals to the consumer’s experience. For detailed information about Amazon’s video ad offering, click here.

Above, opting for Amazon’s custom background unit enables greater creative freedom and the ability to showcase a richer brand story to drive differentiation.

Genero brings a wealth of experience to the creative and production of all types of Amazon video, so reach out to your local Genero representative for a one-to-one consultation on how to develop the right assets for your business.

*Source: HubSpot, 2018

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