Video Solutions Adapt TVCs/existing assets

Adapt TVCs/existing assets

For video content marketing to be effective, you need to ensure that the content is tailored for the particular channel, platform, device and audience. The opportunities to personalise and target your video content have never been better, and this provides a marketing opportunity, but also a challenge because of the larger volumes of video required.

Genero filmmakers can take your existing assets like TV commercials or long-form video, and create multiple custom versions and cut-downs for specific platforms and ad formats such as, vertical video, Facebook, YouTube, sponsorship bumpers, VOD and mobile.

Mad Max - Instagram Promo

Feature film to 4 x Instagram videos - Youtube ads created from an existing TVC had an existing TVC but wanted to run a YouTube video advertising campaign and needed content that was fit for the variety of YouTube video ad formats. Within 2 weeks we delivered a 30 second

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Lexus - Reimagining existing assets for new content

Lexus had an existing TVC but needed custom content to engage audiences online, across multiple social media ad formats. In two weeks Genero delivered various creative ideas and filmmakers to select

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Atout France - Explore French Culture

Archival footage from various sources re-edited into a promotional video

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